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Get the pulse of your target audience. Never assume that you know exactly what your target audience are looking for. Conduct research and do surveys if you must to figure out the specific topics that they’re dying to read about. Use keyword tracker that will give you the list of most searched keywords in your niche. These will definitely give you an idea about the learning needs of your target audience. You may also conduct polls and surveys using relevant blogs and forums.

Public or TrafficDiesel.com option. You get to choose whether you want only your colleagues to see your blog or if you want it seen by anyone with an internet connection. SEO Tutorial by Bruce Clay

seo is the terms we will be always talking and its not a easy term. And here i will be discussing about getting good seo with backlinks. We spend good amount of money to get good SEO but unfortunately we fail and our money will be wasted. We need to be very careful before using any seo service.

But with ten people making one blog per week Moment of Truth, you would end up with 520 blogs in the network with a grand total of 5,200 posts. This is a huge resource for generating valuable, relevant, one-way back links.

However, if you set your business up correctly and create a business strategy then you can live the dream. It is possible and there are people doing it, just not the vast majority.

Remember! Although valid coding will help it won’t get you straight to Number 1! There are loads of factors affecting search engine rankings and code is just one of them. Reading more website building tutorials will help you loads! Also make sure you keep your content freshly updated, and those links coming in and you’ll be top in no time!